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The Best Trekking Place in Himalaya Himachal Pradesh India

Himachal Pradesh is a northern Indian state in the Himalayas. It's home to scenic mountain towns and resorts such as Dalhousie. Host to the Dalai Lama, Himachal Pradesh has a strong Tibetan presence. This is reflected in its Buddhist temples and monasteries, as well as its vibrant Tibetan New Year celebrations. The region is also well known for its trekking, climbing and skiing areas.

Triund Mcleodganj

Triund trek Mcleodganj, Kangra, Himachal 

Maximum elevation- 4,324 meters

Triund is the crowning jewel of Dharamsala. Triund trek stands still amongst the most scenic treks of Himachal Pradesh that is tailored for the newbies. The short trek of 9 km which begins its trail from Dharamkot can easily be accomplished in 5-6 hours. The trek offers the amazing panorama with the majestic Dhauladhar ranges on one side and the beautiful Kangra valley on the other. If you are one of those adventure junkies who wish to take their journey a notch above you can move in the direction of Indrahar pass which lies 17 km ahead of Triund. The scenario of the trek takes a rough change from here. The trek will become difficult but exceptionally beautiful at the same time.

The best time to pack your bags for this trek is in the month of May-June and September- November.

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Hampta Pass trek

Maximum elevation- 4,400 m

The trail that begins from the Rambagh circle in Manali will fill you up with the sceneries of lush green meadows, snow-capped mountains in the backdrop and the variety of flora and fauna throughout its journey. The carpet of snow covering the majestic beauty of the Himalayan ranges makes the scenery even more pleasing to the eyes. The trek of 26 km that can be easily covered in 6 days. The endpoint of Hampta pass trek is Chhatru, which offers the spectacular confluence of Hampta pass, Spiti valley, and Rohtang pass.

Best time to visit- May- June and August- September

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Bhrigu Lake trek

Maximum elevation- 4,270 m

The scenery of Bhrigu Lake trek begins from the base camp in Manali. Nestled in the upper Kully valley and east of Rohtang pass, this trek will give you various landscapes of Kullu, Solang valley, and Rohtang pass. The massive green fields and snow-loaded mountains of Pir Panjal ranges and Dhauladhar ranges are another delights that this trek has to offer. In the four days, this trek will require you to cover the distance of 45 km and won't challenge your strengths much if the weather is in your favor. The trek ends at the picturesque alpine lake- Bhrigu lake and offers the surreal view of the snow carpet all around.

The best time to go for this trek is May- June, and September- November.

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Malana village trek

Maximum elevation- 3,360 m

Malana is a small village that has kept itself away from all the materialistic development that people in cities die for. This very fact makes this place unique and beautiful beyond measures. The trek to Malana village begins from Jari from where you can take a 45 minutes cab ride to the entrance of the village. This 5 km trek can be covered in 1-2 hours depending on your body strength. The endpoint of the trek is Malana village where you can feel the intoxication of Marijuana in the air.

The best time to enjoy the trek to this secluded planet is April- July, and September- November.

*Having their own traditions and regulation, make sure you do not touch anything in Malana village. The outsiders are not allowed to touch or photograph certain areas of the village and there is a fine applicable if you break their rules.

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Pin Parvati trek

Maximum elevation- 5334 m

If you have ever thought of trekking to be a cakewalk, Pin Parvati trek would prove you wrong by challenging your nerves. The struggle with the moody weather, rugged mountains, and the testy climb on the freezing terrains, this trek will ask for all your strength. The 100 km trek that begins its journey from the peaceful Kullu valley requires you to dedicate 10-11 days to the Himalayan ranges. The trek may be tough but the natural beauty that will accompany you throughout will make the journey worth all the pain. The endpoint of the trek is Pin valley which will welcome you to a variety of flora and fauna, meadows that look no less than God's playground, and the mesmerizing view of mountains that will brighten up your sight.

Best time to go for this trek is July to September

*Look out for the beautiful sceneries of sunrise and sunset during this trek.

*Pin Valley national park is another treat that this trek has to offer you.

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Trek to the moon lake- Chandra Tal

Maximum elevation- 4267 m

If you have always fancied the stars and beauty of nature under the moonlight, then this trek is tailored for you. The trek begins from the Battle base camp that lies at a distance of 114 km from Manali. You can take a cab to reach the base camp which will take your 5-6 hours. The short trek of 5 km can be covered in 6-7 hours. This trek will introduce you to the Hampta pass, the barren land of Lahaul and Spiti and finally, the enthralling Chandra Tal which wears the best look under the full moonlight.

The best time to go for this scenic trek is during the period of June to September when you can beat the summer heat with the chills of the Himalayan ranges.

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Kheer Ganga trek

Maximum elevation- 3,000 m

Kasol is one place in Himachal Pradesh where you can escape away from the bustling life of cities. The sceneries of fierce Kheer Ganga, green Parvati valley, pleasant breeze brushing your face and the tranquility in the ambiance that you miss out in the metropolitans. Kheer Ganga trek is rounded off in the list of the easiest and most peaceful trek that Himachal has to offer. This 12 km trek that begins from the Barsheni has a lot of virgin beauty of mountains to offer. The trek can be wind up in 5-6 hours. The highest point of the trek is Kheer Ganga which welcomes you with a hot-water spring. What's better than a hot water spring to put your aching muscles to rest? Absolutely nothing!

Best time to visit is May-July

" Do not miss out on the chills of Rudra Nag waterfall which falls on the trekking trail. You can have a dip in the cold waters and enjoy some light snacks that this small village has to offer

Dharamshala Local Hang Out in Hills

Hang Out Sight Scene in Dharamshala Smart City Also Green Hill City (CLEAN AND GREEN CITY)

  • Tea Garden

  • International Cricket Stadium

  • War Memorial

  • Kotwali Bazar

  • Maximus Shopping Mall Multiplex Cinema

  • Mcleod Ganj Market

  • Mcleod Ganj Monastery

  • Bhagsu Nag Temple

  • Bhagsu Water Fall

  • Dalai Lama temple

  • Triund Trekking point

  • Dharamkot

  • Dal Lake

  • Naddi

  • SatoBari

  • Agangar Mahadev

  • Chamunda Temple

  • Kangra Temple

  • Kangra Fort

  • Connections

  • Dharamshala town is reached by Dharamshala Gaggal Airport, Dharamshala Gaggal Airport codes|DHM|VIGG, about 12 km to the town's south and about 10 km north of Kangra, Himachal Pradesh town. To reach Dharamshala by train, one has to reach Kangra, Himachal Pradesh town by Kangra Valley Railway line from Pathankot 94 km away and then take a bus or a taxi.

  • Pathankot is a broad gauge railway head. There is another railway line from Pathankot to Jogindernagar, a part of the Mandi District of Himachal Pradesh, which is a narrow-gauge line. The nearest station to Dharamshala on this line is Chamunda Marg, half an hour away, where a Shaktipitha is; the town is well connected by road to other parts of the country.

  • Buses of all classes (deluxe, air-conditioned, and regular) ply daily between Dharamshala and major cities such as Chandigarh, Delhi, and Shimla. Several buses each night connect McLeodGanj with Majnu Ka Tila, the Tibetan settlement in Delhi.

  • Climate

Dharamshala has a monsoon-influenced humid subtropical climate (Cwa). Summer starts in early April, peaks in early June (when temperatures can reach 36 °C) and lasts till mid-June. From July to mid-September is the monsoon season when up to 3000 mm (120 inches) of rainfall can be experienced, making Dharamshala one of the wettest places in the state. Autumn is mild and lasts from October to the end of November.

Autumn temperatures average around 16–17 °C. Winter starts in December and continues until late February. Snow and sleet are common during the winter in upper Dharamshala (including McLeodganj, Bhagsu Nag, and Naddi). Lower Dharamshala receives little solid precipitation except for hail. The snowfall of January 7, 2012, was an exception. It was caused by deep low pressure entering the Kangra district. Winter is followed by a short, pleasant spring until April. Historically, the Dhauladhar mountains used to remain snow-covered all year long, however, in recent years they have been losing their snow blanket during dry spells. The best times to visit are the autumn and spring months.